PC Probe II

PC Probe II 1.04

PC Probe II is a simple ulitily for monitoring vital information about a PC
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PC Probe II is a utility that monitors important components of a computer. It generally monitors system fan speed, system voltages, CPU temperatures etc. & it alerts the user if any problem with these components is found. Although it is developed for ASUS Motherboards, but it works pretty well with other motherboards too. It also provides some of the most important technical information about a system, such as DMI & PCI information, which helps in proper troubleshooting. Interface is nice & simple with very advanced options like setting up maximum & minimum temperatures, threshold values & voltages etc.. The temperature block sits on the desktop, so that you can closely monitor system temperatures at regular intervals. This utility is a blessing in disguise for overclockers, who need to closely check their computer state at regular intervals. It is developed by one the most reputed motherboard manufacturing company, ASUS, it is a must have utilty for everyone, beacuse with this utility installed, you are assured that your computer is always in a healty operating condition.

Vineet Sharma
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  • Simple to Use
  • Closely monitor system information right from your desktop


  • Sometime the information is not accurate
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